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At Monday Market we want to be your preferred RENT A RACK store for buying and selling second-hand clothes.


We appreciate our customers and want to give you the best service that we can provide.


Part of that is sharing our store information so please check out some frequently asked questions about our operations and products.

Do you put items on hold for customers?

All items are available to be purchased in store only and we don't allow any items to be put on hold, so it gives everyone a fair chance - first in first serve!

The prices on price tags are set and cannot be negotiated. We have advised our stall holders to set the prices to sell. Sometimes, on the last days of the rack rental, the stall holder might decide to but some extra % off the marked prices! But don't way too long or you might miss out!

Are the prices at your store negotiable?

Can we drop off merchandise that we would like to part with?

Before you bring your clothes in, we need to book you in as we usually have a few week waiting list! You can book by calling or by popping in. We have decided not to have an online booking system as we want to make sure you're best informed for everything that you need to know about renting a rack. We have even created a pricing guideline to help all our stallholders see (terms & conditions section).

Is there a parking somewhere nearby?

We have a communal car park at the rear of the building and the entrance is via Beyer Street. There are also on street parking in front of our store for short time parking (1hr).

Why choose Monday Market and why do you charge 8% commission?

Our busy location in the Parade, Norwood, guarantees constant foot traffic, with shoppers eager to update their wardrobes!

We are a small business , but we have a big heart and even bigger love for sustainable fashion!

We don't mind spending time with you to help you as much as possible to make sure all your questions are answered. Our shop location has been carefully picked to fit the demographic and we have a prime location for preloved fashion on The Parade! It means our store is constantly busy and together with our very active social media, we attract shoppers from all over the town! We keep the market small enough to give our stall holders a fair chance to make a good profit and we make sure only top quality items are brought in for sale. Our online app is specifically made for rent a rack markets and it will make renting a rack as easy as possible. Be warned though, following your sales online in real time can be very addictive! We charge small commission to help with our high rent, but we believe the location speak for itself and every day, our store is busy with new foot traffic!

How do I do my price tags?

When you rent a rack, we will send you a link to our online app (if you booked online, please use same log in details you created, to access your account). Please copy paste your password and username and click on the link to take you to the app. Go to 'create product sheets' and enter short description of the item and price (without the dollar sign). You can do as many product sheets you want and prior to printing them, 'mark them as done' first. Then click 'print' and 'click A4 stickers'. Please make sure you have chosen 'set place number' (rack number) as otherwise it can get a little hard for us. You can use just normal A4 printing paper for printing (80gsm), but we recommend to use a little bit thicker one (90 or 100gsm) so that the tags won't rip off as easy.

What time do we come and set up & pick up racks?

We cannot guarantee the authenticity of items in store, therefore if you want to bring any designer items for sale, we strongly advise you authenticate them before bringing them in. If staff suspects an item is claimed to be genuine, and it cannot be proven, we reserve the right to withdraw the item from sale. We offer no refunds/exchanges for our shoppers, so it is the shoppers responsibility to authenticate the item prior to purchasing it.

The store opens 9.30am on weekdays and 10.00am on weekends and you can come and set up when the store opens. Pick up time for racks are between 3.30-4.00pm. Please come within this time frame as when the store closes we're unable to stay behind past closing time for late pick ups. If you're suddenly not able to come, please contact the store and we can find alternate times for you to pick up your items the next morning. Please note this store closes for lunch break during Monday to Friday between 12noon-12.30pm.

Can we sell designer items?

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