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Casual Wear

Instructions how to create price tags with our online app

Convenient and easy way to track your sales

Please log in via the email link we sent you from If you booked online, we won't send a separate email, please use the log in details that were created to make a booking.

Go to Product Pricing -> Start creating product sheets -> Each product sheets has 20 lines and each line represents 1 price tag. Add a short product description and a price. Create as many product sheets as you like. Please don't add anything to the 'discount percentage' section, as this will immediately calculate a discount on the items upon check out. If you want to put a discount on your rack later on, please edit your product sheets on bottom of each product sheet ->'set all' ->add discount percentage and press save. Repeat on each of the product sheets and give us a ring so that we can place a small sign on your rack to notify shoppers.

When you’re happy with the product sheets, please set place number (rack number) and ‘mark them as done’. After this you can press ‘print’ and another page opens. Press ‘select printing method A4 stickers’ and a pdf file is created.


Please print the pdf file and cut tags along the lines and attach to the label of the garment with safety pins.

*We recommend you to do the above process via a browser as the place number and printing can only be done via a computer. Phone app is great for following your sales online in real time!

PRICING GUIDELINE $10-$15 for t-shirts, $15-$25 for blouses, $15-$35 for dresses, $25-$50 for jackets/coats depending on the brand. If you have brand new items with tags, -70% of the original price is recommended. Popular brands are Country Road, Seed, Zara, Kookai, Mr Zimi, Shona Joy, Bec & Bridge to name a few.

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